Jean Spooner,R.N. of  LaGrange,Ohio writes:

"I am a 64 year old R.N.. I developed hammer toes over the past 8 years. It became painful and almost impossible to walk without pain. When I entered Elyria Foot Clinic, I found it comfortable and a friendly, as well as knowledgeable staff. Dr. Costaras made me feel relaxed. He explained what was causing my problem and explained the options available to me.

I am 10 weeks post-op and except for minor swelling, I am pain free! I have been able to do more things, like my stationary bike and shop-til-drop shopping with my daughter. My endurance has increased and I lost 10 lbs. since.

My other foot is also developing hammer toes and I will definitely return to Dr. Costaras if they start to bother me...and not 8 years of pain first." 


Phyllis Levine writes;

I recently had to give in and visit a foot doctor because of severe pain  in my right heel.  It was so painful that each morning I hobbled to the bathroom.

I was in agony, but which doctor should I choose to make that first appointment? Asking around, I heard that Dr. George Costaras was an expert in treating any kind of foot injury Hearing this, I made an appointment at his office.

It was the best thing for me.  He diagnosed my problem and put me on special exercises for two weeks with no drugs.  These exercises were supposed to take eight weeks for me to feel no pain in my right foot.  I listened carefully and followed the program.  Instead of eight weeks, I'm better in two.  I have no pain now.

 I found Dr. Costaras and his staff,warm, helpful and encouraging. I am feeling great again because of Dr. Costaras and his staff  I am walking with no pain at all, and I'm so thankful.

 With any kind of foot concern you might be having,don't hesitate to to get to Dr. Costaras.  He will get you well.


A grateful patient.

Phyllis Levine









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